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Cardiac Services

Vascular disease includes any condition that adversely affects the circulatory system. As the heart beats, it carries blood through a system of blood vessels, known as your circulatory system. A wide range of disorders may affect the circulatory system, but the most common vascular disease is Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD. Your peripheral arteries, or those outside of your heart, can also build up fat and cholesterol deposits similar to what happens in the case of a heart attack or stroke. These deposits, or plaque, can build up over time, narrowing the arteries and causing less blood to flow.

With the skills of partnering physicians including board-certified vascular and thoracic surgeon, Rammohan Marla, MD, in addition to our highly skilled team of cardiologists, Mercy - Clinton offers the expert care and advanced technology to help you remain healthy and enjoy quality of life.