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Financial Services

Financial Assistance

Consistent with its Core Values, Mercy Medical Center is committed to making quality care affordable to those with limited financial means. We have representatives who can work with you to determine your assistance options, including federal, state and county programs and our own patient financial assistance program.

How To Get Assistance
To determine if you are eligible for financial assistance, please contact us:

Prior to Service
Business Office: 563-244-5674

After Receipt of Bill
Business Office: 866-494-3001

We support price transparency. For our patients to understand their potential financial liability for hospital services, we are making our hospital charges available to patients. Hospital charges vary based on the type of care provided. The price can differ from patient to patient for the same services. The price will be different for complications or different treatment for the patient's personal health condition. Patients also may qualify for financial assistance. Please contact Sandy Voss or Charlotte Wiebenga at 563-244-5555 or send an email to for a price estimate or to find out if you qualify for financial assistance.

To apply for Financial Assistance, please click here.
To view our Financial Assistance Policy: Trinity Health - Mercy Medical Center - Clinton
For further information on our Financial Assistance and Charity Care Policy, please click here.

If You Have Private Insurance Coverage
Many private insurance agencies require pre-certification before admission to the hospital, or within 24 hours. If pre-certification is mandatory for your insurance and was not completed on admission, please call our admitting office. Please remember that it is important for you to understand the terms and requirements of your insurance policy.

Physician Billing

Physician services provided during your stay are billed separately from your hospital bill. Such services may include your own personal physician, radiology and pathology interpretations, emergency physicians and anesthesiology. If you have questions about your radiology, pathology or emergency room physician bill please call:
Radiology - 1-800-728-3044
Pathology - 563-242-5316
Emergency - 1-800-355-2470