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During Your Stay


Hospital beds are usually higher and narrower than your bed at home. Your nurse will show you how to adjust your bed properly. For your safety, the rails on your bed may be raised during the day. They may also be raised during the night for your protection. If you have any questions about how to operate the controls for your bed, please speak to your nurse.

Blood Draws

While you are a patient in the hospital, your doctor will order blood to be drawn for testing. Often blood is taken to check for infection, anemia, electrolyte balance, or to monitor the level of a medication in your blood stream. These blood tests are done to assist in understanding your health problems and how you are responding to treatment.

Depending on the reason for the test, blood may be taken at different times during the day. Frequently, blood is drawn before breakfast (5 a.m. to 7 a.m.) because food alters many lab values. Early morning blood draws also allow laboratory staff time to complete the tests and have the results on the chart for your doctor to see during morning rounds. Blood taken later in the day is often used to re-evaluate your condition or to monitor the level of a medication.

The doctors and Mercy Staff try to limit the number of blood draws you experience. If you have any questions or concerns about your blood draws, please talk with your nurse, doctor, or the laboratory staff.

Bringing Food Into The Hospital

Patients and guests are allowed to bring food into the hospital. However, food storage must follow hospital guidelines. Food must also be within the guidelines of the diet your doctor orders for you. Ask your nurse for more information.


Our kitchen staff takes great pride in preparing delicious meals from fresh ingredients. You will receive a selective menu with a variety of foods prepared to meet your nutritional needs. At meal times, a tray will be brought to you and removed after you are finished. If you have any questions about your diet or meal, please speak with your nurse or dietitian.

Cellular Phones

Due to potential interference with patient care equipment, cellular phones and radio transmitters are prohibited in many patient areas. Please ask your caregiver about where you can use your telephone.

Communication Assistance

Interpreter services and communication devices are available for those in need. Please contact your nurse to access these services.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is a group of community and hospital professionals that serve as a resource for patients, families, physicians, and hospital staff. The committee works to clarify difficult health care issues and offer consultations and education. If you would like to meet with a member of the Ethics Committee, please speak to your physician, nurse or social worker.

Financial Assistance

Consistent with its Core Values, Mercy Medical Center is committed to making quality care affordable to those with limited financial means. We have representatives who can work with you to determine your assistance options, including federal, state and county programs and our own patient financial assistance program.

How To Get Assistance
To determine if you are eligible for financial assistance, please contact us:

Prior to Service
Business Office: 563-244-5674

After Receipt of Bill
Business Office: 563-244-5674

If You Have Private Insurance Coverage
Many private insurance agencies require pre-certification before admission to the hospital, or within 24 hours. If pre-certification is mandatory for your insurance and was not completed on admission, please call our admitting office. Please remember that it is important for you to understand the terms and requirements of your insurance policy.

Physician Billing

Physician services provided during your stay are billed separately from your hospital bill. Such services may include your own personal physician, radiology and pathology interpretations, emergency physicians and anesthesiology. If you have questions about your radiology, pathology or emergency room physician bill please call:
Radiology - 1-800-728-3044
Pathology - (563) 242-5316
Emergency - 1-800-355-2470

Fire Alarm

In case of a fire alarm or drill, it is important for you to stay where you are until given instructions by Mercy staff. Our building is fire-resistant, and our employees are trained in the proper procedures to ensure your safety.

Gift Shops/Coffee Shop

The Mercy Gift Shops are staffed entirely by Mercy Auxiliary volunteers. The Gift Shops are located at Mercy North and South. The Coffee Shop is located at Mercy North. Stop by and browse a great selection of gifts, magazines, and other treats.

Medical Social Work

Medical social work staff counsel patients and their families on problems associated with hospitalization as well as personal issues. Each social worker is professionally trained to listen to your concerns and help you make plans to meet your needs. The social worker can especially help with your concerns about taking care of yourself after leaving the hospital. Medical social work can also coordinate discharge plans with you and your family. Other assistance available through medical social work includes agency referrals, financial assistance, and personal or family counseling.

If you have concerns about meeting hospital expenses or other issues, speak to your social worker. He or she will be happy to help.


All medications you take while at Mercy are prescribed by your physician and dispensed by your nurse. For your safety, please do not take medications, food additives or supplements, or vitamins brought from home unless approved by your physician during your hospital visit. Our pharmacists are available if you have any questions about your medication or drug therapy while you are at Mercy.

Nurse Call

You have a Nurse Call button within reach of your bed. If at any time you need assistance, press the Nurse Call button and your nurse will respond as quickly as possible.

Patient Rooms

Patient rooms are assigned based on your medical diagnosis and the beds that are available on the day of your admission. Mercy North is centrally heated and air-conditioned. If you are uncomfortable with your room temperature, please speak to your nurse.

Patient Satisfaction

It is our goal to provide each patient with quality care, compassion and as comfortable a stay as possible. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your care, please talk with your nurse or the department director who will put you in contact with the appropriate member of Mercy's staff to address your needs.


Mercy Medical Center partners with area colleges to provide training for students in medical professions. To provide patients with highly trained staff, we encourage the colleges to give students real clinical experiences. As a patient, please realize that their instructors closely supervise all of the students participating in clinical rotations, while staff members from Mercy provide guidance and education. We appreciate the support our patients have given in allowing students to participate in their care.


A color television is in your room for your viewing pleasure. Remember to be considerate of others by keeping the volume low. Please turn off the television when you are not watching.


Your patient rights allow you to use and retain personal clothing and possessions. With this right also goes responsibility. Please consider carefully what personal belongings you keep while staying at the hospital. Send home with your family any items you will not be using at the hospital. If this is not possible, speak to your nurse about having your valuables secured by the hospital. Be sure to keep eye glasses, contacts, hearing aids, and dentures in their proper containers when you are not using them. The hospital cannot be responsible for the loss of personal property that is not placed in safe storage.

Vending Area

There are vending areas located near the cafeteria and by the main lobby with cold beverages and snacks available 24 hours a day.


Mercy welcomes visitors! However, the area you are in may have specific visiting hours or restrictions to help patients receive the highest quality care and adequate rest. Please speak to your nurse regarding any visiting regulations.

Telephone Information

Receiving Calls Your telephone number is located on your room phone. Family and friends can reach you by dialing this number. Please give callers your new number if you move to another room. If you do not want to receive calls, talk to your nurse about having your calls held.

Local Calls
To call a local number dial "9" and the number you are calling.

Long Distance Calling
You will need to charge any long distance calls you make to your home phone or a telephone credit card. To place a long distance call, dial "8." Then dial "0" followed by the area code and number. An outside operator will take your billing information.

Public Phones
Public telephones are available in the main lobby.

Communication Devices
Mercy has communication devices available for people with hearing impairments. Please contact your nurse for more information.

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